In-home care vs. facility care

_Gold Squad, March 2022

Gold Squad won’t pretend to be neutral on this subject. We believe the best place for seniors  — whatever their situation — is in their homes, preferably with loved ones as close at hand as possible.

We have simply heard too many stories about residents being drugged at night so that they can’t call for staff who aren’t there.

We know of families who have been turned away from regular facilities because their cases are deemed too advanced and are pointed to more medical institutions, with precious few options.

We hear the complaints of residence dwellers who have been served potatoes for 2 weeks straight.

We’ve seen the bathrooms that haven’t been cleaned and don’t work anyway.

We’ve sympathized with seniors who despair because of isolation.

We’ve had the calls from seniors who are afraid but too scared to speak up.

We’ve listened to frustrated and angry family members who can’t get service or answers.

Of course, there are residences and facilities that are exceptions and provide exceptional service — many of them. But it is clear that we are in a period of transition when it comes to elder care — and seniors shouldn’t be the ones who have to tough it out.

Rather, let’s focus on providing the best care, rapport and customized service so that our seniors feel loved, secure, protected, and happy.

Even for seniors with degenerative conditions (i.e., Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, ALS, and more), in-home care that evolves is not only possible, but usually preferable. Because senior care at home is completely personalized, support is comprehensive, understanding, and designed to adapt.  Furthermore, it extends to encompass loved ones — family and friends who are trying to keep up; who need respite and reassurance.

We are a team, with the senior at the centre.

In the early stages of the pandemic, many rocks were lifted at elder care facilities… and an awful lot of ugly things crawled out. Seniors and their loved ones are demanding more. It’s time to give it to them.